Pump it Up - VICE Magazine

Hey! My shoot is in this month's Vice! It's pictures of some babes frantically getting their beach bods ready for summer. See it in 'The World Hates You' issue volume 11 number 5. Full shoot here. 


Societe Perrier: Visual Interview

My friend Christian, a Londoner in Seattle, did this visual interview of me for Societe Perrier. He asked me questions and I answered with self-portraits. I'm pretty rubbish at self-portraits but I gave it ago! He said some really nice things about me despite that ^__^
Anna Ryon: The Visual Interview

Leopold for LOGO

I've been so bad at updating because I've been so busy with EXAMS and other fun exciting stuff! Here is a shoot I did of Leopold for LOGO, which I am now the photo editor of! So stoked to be part of the team!