Shrimp Cocktail

Just got Dethbook vol 2 in the post! It's my friend Ozma's magazine. We did this shoot for it when I was in Seattle over the summer. Claire Haranda is responsible for the amazing shrimp-flavoured styling. I always have the most fun doing shoots with Seattle peeps! It is such a fat magazine almost like a Vogue, with all glossy full color pictures, its SO worth buying. Not to mention it is full of really great work. It should be available soon from Actual Pain. SEE THE SHOOT HERE!!


pics from my birthday!

I turned 21 last month! I think that means I'm almost a grown-up. I had a lovely birthday and my friends gave me SO MANY AWESOME GIFTS including a Totoro cape, a sari from India, a Daido Moriyama book, a Pooh Bear, and like a hundred birthday cards made by Hannah's little children. I have the best fwends :')

Zach from Swim Deep

Here's a shoot my boyfriend and I did for Logo.ec of Zach, who plays drums for Swim Deep. They're a young band from Birmingham who are making WAVES (lol). See the shoot here and the article on Logo.