Thought you got rid of us?

Well we're baaaaack!

Here's a raw, unrelenting look at what really happened on the set of Dalston Superstars, including the important effects it's had on our modern cultural landscape.


good subconscious fashion sense

I put my socks on this way when I was sleepy and now it's featured in the Vice Fashion issue!

Shoot by Sam and Masha Mel

Cab Calloway's Minnie the Moocher

I first learned about Cab Calloway in this great American music class I took at community college. He was a jazz singer and composer of the 1920's Harlem who regularly performed at the Cotton Club. Here is a cute video of his song Minnie the Moocher, starring Betty Boop.



She is a model named Bo Mi from Korea who gets street-snapped a lot for her adorable style. Annoyingly, I can't find much more info about her on the net. But omg is there any way I can be you/be your friend please??

pics found here