It's the brand-new website for my work!! I put up lots of pictures that havenever seen the light of the internet before. Please take a look :)



KALTBLUT Magazine interviewed me about photography and put up a nice little collection of my work :)



Please please please vote for me and Coco Capitan (we are representing London) for the photo project we did for Smart Urban Change! As you can see we are far behind on votes and that makes us very sad. Please vote, it only takes one click! Much Love!



Had really yummy watermelon cocktails from Chris :)
Drunkenly spilled nail polish on my new dress doing my nails in Tennessee's tub :(
Pics by Tennessee


A Change of View - LONDON

My flatmate Coco and I collaborated on a photo project for Smart Urban Stage. It's all about the city we inhabit, London, and how it can be improved. Please check it out here! Artists from all over the world did profiles on their cities as well. And from this Wednesday July 18th you can vote for us on the website! Go London!!! But you only have a couple days to do this so get on it soon!

All photos @ SMART


Mushpit 3!

The Mushpit issue 3 is out! Grab your copy here!
This issue, like all of them, is full of amazing and hilarious stuff- including a fashion shoot and an investigation of student halls by me! And it's my first-ever cover!!!!! :D

little peek

In celebration there was a prom at Alibi! (Pics by Nicolas Pomeroy @ noisey.vice.com)


Girl Eats Food

One of my VERY favorite columns on Vice, Girl Eats Food, has become a show! It's like a delicious/gross/sticky tripped-out  cooking program. Aaaand I got to help out with some of the production! Like actual cooking under the esteemed chef! What an honour.

This was the Jubilee special, for your patriotic picnics. It was too rainy for me to stir up my patriotism last weekend (I still love you Queen!) so I went to Westfield Stratford instead and watched that Wes Anderson movie.



My friend Ozma from Seattle just released the first issue of his fashion/art magazine, Dethbook. It was published by Actual Pain, and you can buy your copy here. We did a fun shoot together for it when I was there over the summer.


Me and Ten by Frank

Frank Correa is my friend and one of my favorite artists from Seattle. He shot me and my best friend Tennessee when I was visiting awhile ago, and this is what he sent back a couple months later. The shoot is now on Vice Style with a lovely interview with the man himself that makes me really miss my hometown. Frank's work is great because it is truly like nothing else. He is so weird and great that I believe that this is exactly what goes on in his little head.


The Mushpit 2!

I have a piece in this issue of The Mushpit, an amazing zine by the awesomest girls in town, Bertie and Char! You can get your hands on one on their website or at the Bleach/Wah salon at Oxford Street Topshop. 


Last night we went to the Wah Nails Book launch party at W Hotel.
The place was very fancy and had the biggest disco ball I've ever seen. Also lots of other disco ball art.

I got my first ever manicure. Now I can be a proper London girl for posting nail art pictures!
I indulged on too much free vodka and today am recovering in bed, thinking about gathering my energy to wash my makeup off.
At W hotel the workers walk around wiping bits of the floor with cocktail napkins!


Thought you got rid of us?

Well we're baaaaack!

Here's a raw, unrelenting look at what really happened on the set of Dalston Superstars, including the important effects it's had on our modern cultural landscape.


good subconscious fashion sense

I put my socks on this way when I was sleepy and now it's featured in the Vice Fashion issue!

Shoot by Sam and Masha Mel

Cab Calloway's Minnie the Moocher

I first learned about Cab Calloway in this great American music class I took at community college. He was a jazz singer and composer of the 1920's Harlem who regularly performed at the Cotton Club. Here is a cute video of his song Minnie the Moocher, starring Betty Boop.



She is a model named Bo Mi from Korea who gets street-snapped a lot for her adorable style. Annoyingly, I can't find much more info about her on the net. But omg is there any way I can be you/be your friend please??

pics found here