Boxing Day!

I had a really wonderful Christmas and Christmas Eve with my family. It involved Mama's spaghetti meatballs, a roaring fire, red wine, lots of baking (in an actual functioning oven), proper Seattle coffee, a beautiful ham and great company. And my parents loved the things I got them *proud*. My mom knit me an awesome scarf (awwwh) aaaand I got money to travel with!!! I really really want to go to Italy finally, but should wait until spring for the weather......it's SO hard to wait with the money in my pocket!!

It's gonna be a little hard to go back to my ex-council flat in London after this.

 Brought home my English scone-making skills for Christmas breaky :)

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  1. Woah! that top image is a bit intense!
    and by "proper Seattle coffee" do you mean Starbucks?

    Only joking Anna, I'm a fan of you and Dalston Superstars and stumbled upon your blog - when's the next episode due online?