Diplo's new song is totally Hardstyle so why did everyone hate it so much when we played the Cyberdog Hard Trance Bootlegs CD during Sam's set at Catface?

photo @ Catface FB page


Boxing Day!

I had a really wonderful Christmas and Christmas Eve with my family. It involved Mama's spaghetti meatballs, a roaring fire, red wine, lots of baking (in an actual functioning oven), proper Seattle coffee, a beautiful ham and great company. And my parents loved the things I got them *proud*. My mom knit me an awesome scarf (awwwh) aaaand I got money to travel with!!! I really really want to go to Italy finally, but should wait until spring for the weather......it's SO hard to wait with the money in my pocket!!

It's gonna be a little hard to go back to my ex-council flat in London after this.

 Brought home my English scone-making skills for Christmas breaky :)


my grandma is a pretty thing


I'm back home for the holidays and man it feels gooood. Our flat in London has been degrading since the notorious Vice Christmas party last week- we've been ignoring all cleaning, grocery shopping, and sense of dignity. And our heating stopped working 5 days ago... :(
So coming home to a clean warm house and all my things and an over-flowing kitchen and a happy dog and curry on the stove and my wonderful parents has brought me so much joy that I'm gonna use my hours awake with jet-lag to post loads self-indulgent family photos! Enjoy!!! :D

Me and my mom there with my family in Long Island NY...
...me and my daaaaad....
...my dad and my mom when they were my ageeee.....
...my dad and my mom in Tokyooo....
...aaaand that's my mom with me in her tummy!!!


Dalston Superstars ep 3 and wooahhh EXCLUSIVE PICS

The drama continues. Watch it!
Here are some "behind the scenes" photos from the show! They are horribly blurry so as not to reveal what happens next...

Superstars and producers!

really important business meeting at the Alibi (picture by fred)
<3 everyone


Tonight in London

Is the opening of a group exhibition my good friend Coco is showing her photography at. She will also be doing a DJ set with Roberto Piqueras.

Please join us at The Leftover Show, a multidisciplinary exhibition showing young work by 20 artists. From photography to installation, the exhibition collects findings or ‘leftovers’ which meant a point of inflexion in the current praxis of the artists. The Leftover show is a concept and event created by Good Weird

We will be hosting an opening night on December 6th. but will be opened from the 5th- to the 7th. at Alekano Club (London E2 9HS).

I'm pretty sure this piece is part of her new series...
Come down!!!


This video is called "Southwestern Chinese Peasant Music Video"

...and they probably have way more fun partying in their rural Chinese village than I do here in London.


I Want You Issue 6!

I Want You is an awesome art magazine I interned at for ages back in Seattle. They just came out with a new issue with.......ME on the cover!!! If you order it soon online you get it for free! Crazy huh? Well you have to pay for postage but it's still dirt cheap and the pages are huge with really nice full-bleed color pictures on each one. Oh AND it comes with a probably super-sick and trippy mix CD by Dro-Carey. This is my favorite work from the new issue by ColorSplinters. 

Order one online!

oh my god

This is actually a COLLECTION PRESENTATION by Japanese fashion designer Mikio Sakabe. It's kind of brilliant.

(seen on vice style)

Stefan looking totally hot in Gay Witches

Apparently before coming out as gay many boys practice by coming out as witches. I don't really know how true that is (never heard of it before) but it's a really, really cute thought. Photos by Masha Mel and styling by John William. See it on Vice Style.