Dalston Superstars Episode Two is here!

Watch episode two and then you gotta decide if you're Team Holly or Team Anna! You know which one it better be!!! Tweet which team you're on to @DLSTNSuperstars I NEED YOUR SUPPORT GUYZ!

I really want these to exist

You've probably seen those non-existant photoshop-created clothes on Tumblr. While a lot of them are covered make obnoxious references to smoking weed, are covered in galaxy print, or decorated with annoying religious iconography, Sexy Sweaters make some pretty sick ones I would happily waste a couple hundred quid on. SO SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THEM. 
And check out their interview on Vice Style.


Is this actually kind of hot?

I knew that Jamie, Vice Style journalist, was obsessed with Reeboks. But I didn't know the extent of his obsession. I don't think he did either. Read his article and don't tell me you don't get at least a little aroused as well.


Mushpit Magazine Launch!

Me and Sam DJing at the launch of Bertie's new zine, The Mushpit! It's soo funny guys so keep an eye out for it and pick it up when you can!! I may be doing some work on it in the future as well...;)


Boy: Edward Kasisopa

Last week Sam and I did a shoot for Vice Style's "Boy" series. Sam's my absolute favorite person to work with when doing a shoot, which is a bit surprising because whenever we try to cook together we get into huge arguments and end up really mad at each other (sorry flatmates).
Anyways, this is Edward, a half-Thai half-Spanish skater who just turned 18 and has been getting some attention from the fashion world lately. He's been picked up by Boyo Studio and walked in Martine Rose's show last fashion week. But talking to him it seems like he mostly only cares about skating, smoking weed, and saving up his allowance money to go hang out in Amsterdam.


Feminable Fashionism

Check out this article I did for Vice Style about fashionable feminist Tumblr girls!


I miss Japan and it has a lot to do with Mos Burger

Mos Burger is amazing. They basically sell burgers stuffed with Japanese food. I can't think of anything better than that. And the branch at the train station by my obaasan's house is open all night! You know what that means...

yaki-niku burger!

peanut chicken burger! 
korokke (japnese croquette) burger!

I really hope at some point next summer I end up here post-karaoke, drunk and hungry. 


Coco's hair!

My flatmate Coco bleached her hair and eyebrows and now it's like having an alien floating around. She asked me to take some pictures of her and wrote something real nice about me on her blog  (≧◡≦)


Azealia Banks is amazingly good. Way better live than her recordings.
Sam styled her show so luckily I got to see her!
Death Grips- intimidating


Watch the whole thing, you won't regret it.

My Japanese obaasan is in the choir as well...I wonder if this is what it's really like?


Just watched the first official episode of our show on Vice, and oh my god it's too funny. It comes out soon, so keep an eye on vice.com!!

unrelated but funny picture by brian o'keefe. i'm already embarrassed by what i was wearing 6 months ago.


Work of Kawori Inbe

Inbe is one of my all-time favorite photographers and her style has influenced my own work so much. Here are a couple recent photographs that I love, pulled from her website.

I also had the pleasure of modeling for her when I was in Japan in 2010. It was the hottest day I've ever experienced and I was running around in the sun in a white synthetic prom costume. Still was so worth it to get to meet her!