OCTOBER! It's time!

It's October!! Which means it's time to start thinking about my favorite holiday....Halloween!!! Last year I was a pretty princess. When I was a young girl my parents always threw big Halloween partys so this month always fills me with excitement! I love the smell of rubber masks and synthetic things, spooky stuff everywhere, witches hats, colored lights, pumpkins... and walking around a bit too cold in the "OMG PERFECT" costume.

Unfortunately last Halloween was so boring that Sam ended up falling asleep in some random place at like 11 and I don't think we were even drunk. This may seem like the problem but it was so bad that if we WERE drunk we probably would have been more tired and gone home earlier.

This year will be better!! Me and Stefan are already thinking about joint costumes. And I think the trick is to start off with loads of Halloween candy and go from there, so the day is already a win :D

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