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My uncle and his wife and 7 year old daughter came over for dinner the other night. I love my uncle so much and he is a total foodie so I really really wanted to impress him. I made an American dish from the South called jambalaya because I figured he never had it before, and they loved it (or so they said because they are super nice). I managed to dirty every dish kitchen though (major depressing clean-up the next day). Well the point is, my super adorable little cousin asked if she could peek in the kitchen at Sam cooking, and she tip-toed over there really quiet and came back and said, "WOW!!! I NEVER seen a boy cooking before!!!" Genuinely impressed. Which was like the cutest thing ever. Now that I think about it, I had a similar reaction first time he cooked for me. Here are some pictures from the last few months!
our flat (polaroids by coco capitan)
my flatmates :)
saying goodbye to murphy in seattle :(
Coco and Alberto. Alberto wears blankie as fashion!
Dancing with their awesome friend at her houseparty, they had decorations and everything!
Sam cleaning, so cute <3
Stefan <3
I have so many pictures of people eating burgers, not even doing it consciously

Roberto is staying with us!
He is a fashion designer sponsored by Burger King to be here so pretend that's a Whopper, not Micky D's! He is having a party at Primitive to show his Summer 2012 collection this Thursday 27 Oct and I think he's DJing with free drinks and an after party at George and Dragons! Should be really fun!!!


  1. Hahahahahahaha. Love these pictures so muuuuch. <3

  2. just linked you from cocoladas!
    i go to CCW toooo!!!! love these photos!!!

  3. do you?? foundation? if you see me say hi!!!