i've moved to london now

So a few weeks ago I FINALLY made my move to London. After a year of going back and forth between here and Seattle it's nice to finally feel somewhat settled. School starts soon and I am really excited to learn and expand and make friends and everything. I think this is exactly what I need to refocus my life.

At the moment Sam and I are living in this gigantic 5 bedroom house which we have ALL TO OURSELVES. When Sam is at work I usually spend most of my time in, and this house has opened so many new possibilities of ways to fill my time hermiting. I can potter around completely naked (!), I have a whole room dedicated to guitar playing, if I am ever feeling claustrophobic I can simply enter another room and enjoy the new ambience.....the possibilities are ENDLESS. I feel very grown-up here, like I've started doing things like separating the recycling from the garbage from the food waste and using cleaning chemicals and stuff. I've been baking loads now we have a proper kitchen and I bought a really nice rice cooker. Why do I feel crazy now that I've written this? I'm not really turning into a hermit, sometimes I do actual things too!

Anyways, the one bad thing is that I really miss my friends at home. It almost makes me not want to make new friends here but that is negative senseless thinking.

me and my bff ten...I MISS YOU!! (taken by anastasia)

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