Shelter's Boogie Nights Party

Last week we threw another Shelter party, and this time it was a Boogie Nights Disco. We decided to have it really last minute managed to get it together just in time. Me and Tennessee made these huge photocopied prints from a vintage Playboy mag I had and hung them around her apartment. We both donned roller skates for the event. DJ Dandy Narwhal spun some groovy disco. It took awhile for the party to get started so we got really drunk while waiting around, and once we were wasted it seemed like the place was suddenly full of people all dressed up and dancing. Sadly these are the only pictures I have of the night. The landlady knocked on the door at like 11:30 pissed, but luckily we were able to relocate the party (and the DJ gear!) to a house in the CD where the boogying-down happily continued into the night. After the party me and Stefan and Ten had to hustle down to the airport at like 4am to catch a plane to LA for some serious vaca! 
Seamus's sexy gold-specked liquor 

I think they were forcibly removing my skates for my safety

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