can't believe i'm moving to london in a week. there's all these things i wanted to do in seattle that i can't do anymore! like starting a girl group with tennessee. so sad.

it would probably look something like this

i wonder if kirra would be up for it too? we are all between 4'11" and 5'3" tall...god that would be sooo fucking cool.



hi there!

"your girlfriends fucking badass" yep mhm i know 

Tennessee Guarantee


Our holiday in LA!!!

"Wish You Were Here"
Our journey began early in the morning outside the Westlake bus station after our party...

We stayed so close to Venice beach!
Eventually we got better at the tanning thing

Take a picture of me using this phone
Ten! Ten!
taken by tennessee


what better way to take on the city than with a huge screwdriver in hand? 

Ten is so buff, she climbed to the top in 10 seconds no joke!

Painting with Sage!

we made some awesome friends that were all in a band called Crazy Band!

guess who? ;)
taken by tennessee 
top down :P 
gotta have an in-and-out burger if in cali


we had a very nice time!