Watch this it's so good.
My boyfriend came to visit me in Seattle!!! I'm so happy right now :3



such a good night with tennessee and stefan. champagne and comics and lazing around all night<3

Tennessee's mama gave her her wedding dress. It's so perfect....jealz! 

awesome best friends

ten painting her new place

plotting with the Shelter crew

Blythe with her dog. that dog is so hilare!

Rose, natural Lolita


6/19 dream

this morning i dreamt that i was friends with hugh hefner and we were hanging out with his girlfriends exploring  the hidden tunnels under the mansion. we took a tunnel that lead outside and we accidentally ran into a bee hive and they all started swarming us so we all ran away in different directions. hef told me to follow him but i couldn't keep up because he was fucking fast. all the bees surrounded me stinging and it really hurt. i got stung 8 times at least.
what does this dream tell me about myself or my life?

new direction

this is gonna take a little work...i've been watching youtube tutorials of how to read these, and it's more complex than i thought! i need to get in touch with my intuition and rise above/try to ignore my automatic sarcasm and i'll be reading all y'alls cards in no time.


rando night

Me Rose and Stefan, middle of the night, 24-hr Subway, hopelessly drunk, singing loudly to Linkin Park



ugh i'm on twitter nao
i'm so bored in seattle. i know i should try to enjoy myself a little more because who knows if i will ever live here again after i move to london for school. i be laying low practicing roller skating in my living room and trying to knit til it's time to go.
thank god for awesome friends.


Some time in London

Someone left the door to this flower shop open...
I knicked a flower for myself.

Some time in Seattle

The gang back together

Rose carries the bag with my face on it :)
The failed yard sale.....


I don't think I ever blogged about SHELTER which is kind of troublesome...it's this blog that me, Stefan, Rose, and Elvia started this year with some rad contributors. The fun part is that we throw some kick-ass parties. So far we've had two, and are working on a couple more for this summer.