Newest family member <333 We adopted her today for mother's day. She is currently hiding in the closet. Poor kitty was abandoned in Everet. She's an adult but is so small with a huge bobble head!

On Friday me and Stefan and Kirra and her friend Christopher went dancing at Neighbors, this gay bar in Capitol Hill that opens at 2am for 18+. It was full of creepy old men checking out teenagers and gross middle age couples fingerbanging on the dancefloor. Most people were on drugs and looked like they'd hump anything that moved. There were also some cute half-naked gay boys exhibiting themselves awkwardly on the platforms (to said creepy old men), exploding with sexual frustration and self-awareness. They made me really depressed to look at. At least it made me haps to dance to the terrible rave music!! (no sarcasm)

My hair's pink now, and I made a Bloody Mary today. (soz stoopid photobooth pictures but i AM a teenage girl..)

In honor of mother's day, here is a picture of my mom when she was preggers with me! So teeny tiny! People used to give her weird looks because she looked like a teen-mom.

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  1. AHH CAT SO CUTE i want to meet her