I'm going to London in 4 weeks. It's been 2 weeks since Sam left Seattle but it feels like much longer. I made a mistake and bought the wrong ticket (stoooopid me) and he got me a new one. Some day I will stop making retarded mistakes. Hope.

He also bought me these amazing heels, which I blogged about earlier. They are 6" tall! I need to practice walking in them around the house so I can wear them out before they are out of style. Yesterday I cooked risotto in them. Apparently if you do squats in these you will get an ass like Amber Rose, Kanye's girlfriend!

Sam and his friend from Vice are creating a new look called "Tropical Grunge". I am tired of dressing like a 14 year old skater boy all the time so I think I am going to dutifully follow.

He dyed his hair turquoise! Goddd bleached hair is so so hot..

I've been working so hard on the treadmill! Here are Stefan's apprehensive first steps....we learned that running on the treadmill is much easier without a skirt! Just a word of advice for any others that are trying to get in shape for summer!

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