Get to spend it with Elvia and my parents plus family friends! I made TWO cakes!!! I love holidays :)

Little Plastic Pixie-Pop Princess Maidens

In this month's UK and Europe Vice is the shoot we did in Seattle when Sam came to visit! Doing shoots with him is like my favorite thing we do together. The pictures are inspired by dreamy manga girls. My friend and talented photographer Kyle Johnson shot it. He is srsly SO nice, awhile ago he actually GAVE me his special Supreme hat!! Big deal coz you can't get those in Seattle! Modeling was my lovely Rose, Anais (this cute girl I shot awhile ago), and I. Sam styled and I'm credited as coordinator :) Meagan Dodge did makeup and William Scott Blair was on hair. There's a talented bunch of people in Seattle!

More pictures here!


It Don't Mean a Thing

Big things coming up this year! I can't elaborate very much because it's top secret!!

Been learning so many new things lately...feeling good about life~


New Pain

Scored this at the Actual Pain Spring Sale! The new collection is pretty sweet. I think AP is one of the better things currently coming out of Seattle.

I also got my boyfriend the Beavis and Butthead sweatshirt (collab with Rockers NYC) and Rose gave it to him when she went to Enlgand. He finally likes something I got him!! (THIS IS A BIG DEAL BTW)

shoots from last month

This is a lil shoot from awhile back. Frank Correa took the photos, I styled it, Stefan modeled. Rose was over too and we drank champagne and I accidentally got really wasted, while trying to put together outfits...

Here's one that I shot and me and Stefan styled. Rose modeled. The idea for the looks was to combine Stefan's and Rose's personal styles, which are both really distinctive and different. Stefan dresses like a little goth sporty slut boy grunge rat and Rose dresses like a glamourous rock n roll fairy-tale lost girl. Obviously this doesn't mean much to people other than us, but it's just for fun so it's ok! Not sure how happy I am with how it turned out, but I think there are a couple good ideas in there!

Last one! I shot and styled, Stefan modeled :)


Doubles and stuff

Frank and Ryan had their Doubles photo exhibition at Cairo a couple weeks ago. The place was rammed! There's me in the middle picture up there. They also projected a ton more photos. They did an amazing job. And, they made tote bags with my face on it! You can buy one at Cairo for $15.
At Franks after the exhibition:

Some mad style going on. He's wearing Aladdin shoes too, but they didn't get in the pic..

and other stuff:


Stefan & Rose

Like my two favorite people these days. Lufff these guys so much....what am I ever going to do without them??? We have the most fun together, Seattle would be so bland without them. Luckily Stefan is moving back to London shortly after I do, but nothing will be the same without the 3 of us :'(