visual update

Old Blue cute+awesome DJs at VICE Comedy Issue release.

WOH WOH WOH drinks on the house when they came.

I like to think that I'm not a stereotype

A birthday..

WONDERFUL dinner party at Will's. His flat is to die for. Get baked, eat a steak, bake a cake XxXxX

Photos by me, Sam, and other friends.


The Bat Caves Anthology cassette tape was just released on Suffering Jukebox Records. It's a super-limited run of 50 and 20 of them are already gone! If you want one, buy it quick! It's only a few quid anyway.

Vice Singles Club already wrote a nice lil' review of the release. And my boyfriend ACTUALLY HONESTLY had nothing to do with it! SO HAYYY

I don't think anyone has told our old drummer about anything that has happened to the band since we split up. Which includes every piece of publicity/recognition we've ever gotten as well as this release. Ooooops


Whole new me!

Everyone knows that the transition from high school to college (or wherever you go) is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself. My life has gone through dramatic changes in the last few months since finishing school. Major improvement in overall happiness I think. Above I am pictured as a high school nerd turned cool nerd. It's from the Vice Student Guide, check it here, it's funny.

Now here is a REAL LIFE reinvention:

This is an obnoxious idiot with the idea that everyone thinks she's cool and arty because she wears sunglasses indoors and bright clothes from AA and rocks out in her dumb band with her bf and and is always stoned at school and obvz DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT.

Three years later she is almost the same but lives in Hackney with her fashion stylist boyfriend and never leaves East and is old enough drink Red Stripe and mill about Brick Lane and goes to the cool clubs and snaps pictures with her Yaschica and writes about it all on her blog.



Salvador Gnarly and foosball fuN!

We have this flatmate called Jaume from Spain who is like 40 and studies computer graphics. He's a quiet but sincere dude and can repair/improve anything with beautiful efficiency. The other morning I was sitting in the kitchen doing nothing (as usual) when he passed by heading out to uni. The moment he turned and I saw his backpack strapped on I was struck with sudden unexpected jealousy. He, as well as most of my friends from back home, are off studying at uni and regularly being challenged and expanding their skills and knowledge. I mean, it's true I act miserable when I'm a student but I think it's when I'm happiest and most fulfilled. I DO actually love to learn, honestly! So I've started an evening photography course at Saint Martins. First assignment was to document our daily lives with a disposable camera, which is pretty much all I shoot anyway. Ah well.

Sam was asked to DJ at this random night in Stokey. He wanted to use the name Adolf Hipster but they didn't want to put that on the flyer so he settled for Salvador Gnarly. The place was full of kids which made it feel sort of like a youth center, but there were all these amazing leather couches so it was still awesome.

He provided a great soundtrack to our foosball game. Hannah and I won.




Pretty soon my old band from back in Seattle will be releasing a lil' tape on Suffering Jukebox Records called THE BAT CAVES ANTHOLOGY. It has every song we've ever recorded on it, which is like, four or five? Look out for it!
Kind of miss playing in a band. Really miss my guitar, such a beautiful vintage sixties Fender Mustang in sunburst....:) Paired with my Twin Reverb amp it makes even my shitty playing sound like heaven. MiSs U gUyS!! xXXxXxx
Sam and I have been talking forever about starting a band together. I really want to play on some drums, but no one has any here because everyone in London lives in tiny flats. Sam used to sing in a band called Trafalgar in the days of his youth. PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS DRUMS I CAN PLAY ON IN LONDON EMAIL ME.
On the point of music, I can't wait to join Craft Spells in January! I think we are touring Europe in February. Really glad that I'll get to see my friends in London so soon after going home, I lucked out big time. I've had an unreasonable amount of luck these past few months, I seriously think I may be blessed or something.


party, beer, music yeeahh

From this Vice party at XOYO a couple weeks ago, something to do with Tiger Beer so free drinks. I was really into Kap Bambino, they were fucking amazing. More pics from this event here.


Inbe Kawori-san

When I was in Japan a couple months ago I was shot by one of my favorite photographers, Inbe Kawori. It was an honor to meet her because she has been such a big inspiration to me. Some pictures I took the day of the shoot are here. And make sure to see the whole shoot here!