! ~DUBLIN~ !

A couple weeks ago my friend Kelsey and I decided to take a trip to Dublin. I don't think either of us really know why we chose to go there, it was more about getting out of London for a bit. We did not anticipate that Dublin is kind of like London but smaller, colder, and more expensive. We DID have a surprisingly good time though! We've discovered that we both suffer from short term memory loss (really) and are incapable of doing anything right. It was the first time staying in a hostel for us both, and a bunch of foreigners staying in uncomfortably close quarters and sharing all facilities makes for MASSIVE LOLZ. Kelsey knows these awesome twins from Seattle living in Dublin and they watched over us and took us out and stuff. Highlights of the trip include standing on vast green "Irish" fields, being impressed by old buildings, and getting drunk. Really shocked/pleased we made it through without something majorly bad happening, everything was constantly on the verge of collapse.


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    this is what ireland looks like in my head: fat kidz in granny shorts making out with not sot hawt bfs. hell to the yeahhhh.