Whole new me!

Everyone knows that the transition from high school to college (or wherever you go) is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself. My life has gone through dramatic changes in the last few months since finishing school. Major improvement in overall happiness I think. Above I am pictured as a high school nerd turned cool nerd. It's from the Vice Student Guide, check it here, it's funny.

Now here is a REAL LIFE reinvention:

This is an obnoxious idiot with the idea that everyone thinks she's cool and arty because she wears sunglasses indoors and bright clothes from AA and rocks out in her dumb band with her bf and and is always stoned at school and obvz DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT.

Three years later she is almost the same but lives in Hackney with her fashion stylist boyfriend and never leaves East and is old enough drink Red Stripe and mill about Brick Lane and goes to the cool clubs and snaps pictures with her Yaschica and writes about it all on her blog.


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