Salvador Gnarly and foosball fuN!

We have this flatmate called Jaume from Spain who is like 40 and studies computer graphics. He's a quiet but sincere dude and can repair/improve anything with beautiful efficiency. The other morning I was sitting in the kitchen doing nothing (as usual) when he passed by heading out to uni. The moment he turned and I saw his backpack strapped on I was struck with sudden unexpected jealousy. He, as well as most of my friends from back home, are off studying at uni and regularly being challenged and expanding their skills and knowledge. I mean, it's true I act miserable when I'm a student but I think it's when I'm happiest and most fulfilled. I DO actually love to learn, honestly! So I've started an evening photography course at Saint Martins. First assignment was to document our daily lives with a disposable camera, which is pretty much all I shoot anyway. Ah well.

Sam was asked to DJ at this random night in Stokey. He wanted to use the name Adolf Hipster but they didn't want to put that on the flyer so he settled for Salvador Gnarly. The place was full of kids which made it feel sort of like a youth center, but there were all these amazing leather couches so it was still awesome.

He provided a great soundtrack to our foosball game. Hannah and I won.


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