Pretty soon my old band from back in Seattle will be releasing a lil' tape on Suffering Jukebox Records called THE BAT CAVES ANTHOLOGY. It has every song we've ever recorded on it, which is like, four or five? Look out for it!
Kind of miss playing in a band. Really miss my guitar, such a beautiful vintage sixties Fender Mustang in sunburst....:) Paired with my Twin Reverb amp it makes even my shitty playing sound like heaven. MiSs U gUyS!! xXXxXxx
Sam and I have been talking forever about starting a band together. I really want to play on some drums, but no one has any here because everyone in London lives in tiny flats. Sam used to sing in a band called Trafalgar in the days of his youth. PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS DRUMS I CAN PLAY ON IN LONDON EMAIL ME.
On the point of music, I can't wait to join Craft Spells in January! I think we are touring Europe in February. Really glad that I'll get to see my friends in London so soon after going home, I lucked out big time. I've had an unreasonable amount of luck these past few months, I seriously think I may be blessed or something.

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  1. What happen did you sell it or did it get damaged?