Recent thingz

Sam played football for the Umbro thing again, but this time it was a tournament. Teams included Dazed and Confused, some grime label, some actors from TV etc.... Everyone seemed to get really into it this time. I saw Sam get really pissed at one point. It was quite chilly but there was free booze and food and a good DJ. TEAM CASSETTE PLAYA 4EVA!!!

Lil t-shirt shoot for Vice Style, which we did in our disgusting bedroom. Photographed by Jacob Perlmutter and styled by Sam. Stepping over dirty underwear and stained sheets.....cozy?

Park. Weather was so nice but just turned to such shit. We bought a camera and trainers for Sam at Brick Lane Market. Sam and I have spent probably an absurd amount of money on cameras and shoes the last couple of weeks, but what matters is we both agree it's totally valid. Jess got a weird ash tray and a free mug.

Erin at Old Blue. She works at Vice.

Sam eating breakfast and reading his interview in Re-bel Magazine. It's pretty lol, Sam says he is unambitious and doesn't like art in it. Issue 2 is out and can be picked up for free around London. It's quite a nice publication and is co-edited by Jaiden who I met the other night who I think is amazing.

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