Some things (from last week)

1 & 2: Sam's a good cook
3: just another fixie dude
4: candid i swear
5 & 6: Dan Divine's birthday party. Hannah was a genius and made that cake. It's a picture of Dan's shit that he texted to her. And me k-holing, I missed the entire party.
7: Jess's room, art done by Stefan Schwartzman.
8: My friend Kelsey who is a fashion student. She just moved here from Seattle as well.
9 & 10: Shoot for Untitled magazine, shot by Leon Mark and styled by Sam.
11: Me and Sam being stupid outside the flat.
12: Backstage Offset Festival, this is Male Bonding.
13: Hackney!!!


  1. k holing in london... oh oh oh anna, oh anna. invite me along with you into the abyss next time.

  2. kirra come stay here awhile! you're invited, duh.