Last week Sam was asked by Carri to play a 90 minute game of football for this Umbro thing at WEMBLEY STADIUM which I guess is a huge deal because its a 90,000 seater and has like 4,000 toilets. Apparently its the most important thing that has ever happened to Sam. He literally did not stop talking about it until everyone in East London had heard the news. In preparation for the big day he proposed to do extensive training, avoid any sort of inebriation, not fuck the night before, not smoke the day of, and get to bed early for a full rest. None of which happened. But it's ok because the rest of his team (the "creatives" side) were hungover as well. The day of the game we had to wake up at some absurd time like 6 in the morning to get picked up by the cab. I think we had only gotten 2-3 hours of sleep. Kadeem was playing on the team as well, but he didn't seem as excited as Sam. I couldn't really tell what was going on during the game but they ended up losing. They played hard and had fun nonetheless!!! Best part was the complimentary breakfast afterwards.

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