So there's this week in London called London Fashion Week. Sam went everyday to attend fashion shows to report for Vice Style. Perks include him bringing me back free shit like hair product, chocolate, perfume, soap, nice underwears and things. I went to my first fashion show ever which was sort of unreal because that's the kind of shit you only see on the internet and stuff. Sam called and invited me last minute and I literally had to run from Hackney to Covent Garden and got there all sweaty and gross but just in the nick of time. Runway models don't look like real people. And we went to some boring parties and a good one. And then it was over.

Pictures from KTZ, Cassette Playa's party at Alibi, and then the afterparty.

And I also took pics for this and here.

That's Sam being interviewed by the Elephant Man.


  1. hey, just wanted to say that i love your blog. you get to do a lot of nice things (photographing for vice, moving to london etc) but you seem to be very cool about it. i like that. excuse me for my english i hope you get what i'm trying to say hehe

  2. awh that's so sweet! thanks lux <3