HawT bedroom pics XXX

Sam and I are quite compatible roommates- probably because we are the same exact messy. We are also the same lazy so we always agree on taking it easy. Which means now almost every night we stay in with a bottle of wine, spliff and a movie. Are we getting boring? I don't care, I'm so haps right now.

and i have a huge crush! :0



So there's this week in London called London Fashion Week. Sam went everyday to attend fashion shows to report for Vice Style. Perks include him bringing me back free shit like hair product, chocolate, perfume, soap, nice underwears and things. I went to my first fashion show ever which was sort of unreal because that's the kind of shit you only see on the internet and stuff. Sam called and invited me last minute and I literally had to run from Hackney to Covent Garden and got there all sweaty and gross but just in the nick of time. Runway models don't look like real people. And we went to some boring parties and a good one. And then it was over.

Pictures from KTZ, Cassette Playa's party at Alibi, and then the afterparty.

And I also took pics for this and here.

That's Sam being interviewed by the Elephant Man.

Recent thingz

Sam played football for the Umbro thing again, but this time it was a tournament. Teams included Dazed and Confused, some grime label, some actors from TV etc.... Everyone seemed to get really into it this time. I saw Sam get really pissed at one point. It was quite chilly but there was free booze and food and a good DJ. TEAM CASSETTE PLAYA 4EVA!!!

Lil t-shirt shoot for Vice Style, which we did in our disgusting bedroom. Photographed by Jacob Perlmutter and styled by Sam. Stepping over dirty underwear and stained sheets.....cozy?

Park. Weather was so nice but just turned to such shit. We bought a camera and trainers for Sam at Brick Lane Market. Sam and I have spent probably an absurd amount of money on cameras and shoes the last couple of weeks, but what matters is we both agree it's totally valid. Jess got a weird ash tray and a free mug.

Erin at Old Blue. She works at Vice.

Sam eating breakfast and reading his interview in Re-bel Magazine. It's pretty lol, Sam says he is unambitious and doesn't like art in it. Issue 2 is out and can be picked up for free around London. It's quite a nice publication and is co-edited by Jaiden who I met the other night who I think is amazing.


dumb shit

Feeling really stagnant recently. My mind is filled with domestic thoughts...doing the washing, organizing the flat, going grocery shopping, what to make for dinner...it would make a feminist puke. Need to refocus and concentrate on what is really important to me. Need to start the creative flow again. But I just feel so inadequate right now, like nothing I do will be good enough. Maybe it's being surrounded by young amazingly talented/successful people all the time. It should be inspiring but I've just been finding myself discouraged. And I've been stuck in the mindset of "why am I doing this and what is the point of it all??" which is not a good mindset to be in at all because it prevents me from starting ANYTHING. This is dumb shit....I am trapping myself with nonexistent psychological issues that have no need to be there. This is exactly the kind of thing I ran away from at home and somehow thought that moving here would free me from, but DUH running away from a place does escape me from myself. Shoulda known....and I've watched Stranger Than Paradise about a million times.


I'm in a new band!!

It's called Craft Spells. I will be joining them when I return to the states in January. It's kinda like super chilled/ethereal music. They are signed to Capture Tracks, a nice indie/punk label off of Matador Records in Brooklyn. Word has it that we may be touring in 2011..........

Single "Party Talk is being released on Sept 21! http://www.myspace.com/craftspells


Some things (from last week)

1 & 2: Sam's a good cook
3: just another fixie dude
4: candid i swear
5 & 6: Dan Divine's birthday party. Hannah was a genius and made that cake. It's a picture of Dan's shit that he texted to her. And me k-holing, I missed the entire party.
7: Jess's room, art done by Stefan Schwartzman.
8: My friend Kelsey who is a fashion student. She just moved here from Seattle as well.
9 & 10: Shoot for Untitled magazine, shot by Leon Mark and styled by Sam.
11: Me and Sam being stupid outside the flat.
12: Backstage Offset Festival, this is Male Bonding.
13: Hackney!!!


Tesco is the best thing ever

The best thing about England is Tesco. If you don't already know, it's this amazing super market full of ridiculously cheap food. Like, you can buy an entire frozen pizza for literally ONE pound. That can feed me and Sam for a like a whole day. Which means that the two of us can eat for A WEEK with only 7 pounds! So amaze!!! I swear in America I need to spend at least $10 a day just to get by. The second best thing about England is chicken shops. 4 wings for a pound and omg so delish! I swear I'm gonna gain the freshman 15 and I am not even in uni.


First week in london bay bay

I arrived to London about a week ago. I'm living in Hackney now, have only left East London for a few hours since I've gotten here. I'm adjusting to my new life quite well!!!