Seattle, last week

Just got some pics from last week in Seattle.

Poor Ziggy broke himself skateboarding. He injured his clavical, which seems really painful. He had to wait at the ER for 6 hours or something because he is underage and his dad was in deep mediatation so couldnt be reached to pick him up. His main setback though is not being able to play instruments. I feel bad because playing music is his calling.
That bump on his shoulder is not supposed to be there. One bone is resting on top of another where it shouldnt be, and he said he could feel them rubbing together. Ew..

I cut his hair into a triangle this time.

And patched his pants. They got ripped from falling off his board, but in a way that made them looked "pre-ripped". So we patched them so people won't think he has bad taste.
The following pictures are from this "Renegade" I went to with Isabella and Naima. These two girls are awesome, they are best friends and only 16 I think and pretty much the most bad ass people I've ever met. The Renegade was this outdoor rave thing under the freeway. It had the potential to be amazing but was kind of lame, so we left early.

Til next time x

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