Flew in a couple days ago. The airline person gave us Economy PLUS for having a huge argument with another worker while we were trying to arrange our seats. Seriously the extra 6 inches of foot space is soo nice. Glad to be back in Japan, literally all I've done so far is buy stuff and eat. Yay for shameless consumption!!

I need to hide my tatt from my grandma like my life depends on it. Actually my life really DOES depend on it. She would FLIP. She would murder my mother and then me. But totally out of love. And urgh farmers tan???

Massive boner

So much potential!

Exhausted after a day of buying things. PS lately I've developed the ability to fall asleep anywhere in any position.

My parents when they were happy and carefree before they had me. It has been hanging in my mother's old room where I stay for as long as I can remember. I always look forward to seeing it again.
ALSO I've been wanting to write about this adorable dress. Last friday it was my last day working at Moksha Clothing. Everybody there has been SO awesome and kind to me, and I am so grateful to be let into the Moksha family. First time I met them I was a wee little shy 16 year old girl asking if we could pull clothes for a shoot for my magazine. A year later, Elvia asked me to take fashion photos for them. Then recently I got to work there for my last month in Seattle. We have become great friends and supporters these last couple of years. On my last day this dress was given to me from the Moksha family. THANK YOU Elvia, Rose, Kirra, Aleph, and Jesse, I LOVE YOU!! So sad to go x

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