I'm gonna miss you...not really though. My room is really depressing and gross. It's in the basement so it's dark and cold all the time. I started painting it ages ago but never finished. Spiders like to live in the mess. But oh, the times I've had in here..........

I'm flying to England today!


I hate it when people ask about what I am doing come Fall. They ask me if I am going to school, and I say No, and then they ask me if I am working, and I say No, and then they ask me if I am looking for work and I say Not really.....then I tell them that I am going to England and they say Oh what for? and I don't have a good answer for that either. Then they look confused and make me feel like I'm crazy or misguided or something.
I mean, whats the big deal about having a solid and acceptable plan? Maybe they make it easier for people to understand you. But I'm just doing what I'm doing because I truly feel like it's the right thing. It might be one of the best decisions of my life. SO FUCK ALL YOU WHO HAVE BEEN GIVING ME SHIT ABOUT WHAT I'M DOING WAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
So this morning I was walking to the bus stop from my house and my old man biker dude neighbor was out in his yard. He says things to me and my friends like, Stay out of trouble, and I'll try too hehehehe. Today he asked when vacation was over and I was like, Ummm never? and he smiled and was like, Perfect. Yeah, perfect.


you can buy my zine now

On fourteen-nineteen.com


Got home feeling drunk and angsty last night, got in a fight with my dad over spilt water, stomped to my room and dramatically slammed door, then passed out with all my clothes and makeup on.

Woke up this morning thinking ohhhhhh my god will I ever grow up??

Moving out will do me good I think.

(quite an old picture of me up der, whatever)


a party

gonna be epic...just went to the store and bought war paint, sparkles, and bones. one last seattle hurrah!


obake ga kowai

A shoot I did in Tokyo, modeled by the amazing Yu at her house.