Gogol Philip Campaign

Charlotte Rutherford shot me and Suki Spookwin for a Gogol Philip jewellery campaign. Styled by Soki Mak, what a fun and talented team!

Shoot in Cooler Mag

I shot a fashion editorial for Cooler Magazine, you can find it in newsagents :)

They also interviewed me about the clothes I make (Massive Crush). Check it out on their blog!


Massive Crush

Hi! So all summer long I've been working on hand-painting on clothes and its really fun. I got the chance to meet the band Die Antwoord and gave them a couple shirts I did for them and then Yo-Landi Vi$$er wore it in Rome and posted a pic on their Facebook! How exciting is that!! Then Susie Bubble instagrammed a pic of me wearing one of my shirts (!) and then I got a buttload of orders. So now I've turned it into a brand called Massive Crush! I'm going to start an Etsy shop soon where they can be purchased but for now please check out pics of my work on the blog.
Oh yah and for the moment I'm painting on clothes that I find/buy but I am also working on a long term project that are clothes that I design and then are made into reality by my friend which I will then paint!! I'm super excited!!!


Charlotte Rutherford for LOGO

The other day I took a field trip to Norwich to take pictures of Charlotte Rutherford. She is an awesome photographer who I met when she was doing a shoot for Vice at my house ages ago. She also shoots for us at Logo. It was such fun to take pictures of her! Check it here: Style Profile: Charlotte Rutherford

Style Profile: Charlotte Rutherford


Pump it Up - VICE Magazine

Hey! My shoot is in this month's Vice! It's pictures of some babes frantically getting their beach bods ready for summer. See it in 'The World Hates You' issue volume 11 number 5. Full shoot here. 


Societe Perrier: Visual Interview

My friend Christian, a Londoner in Seattle, did this visual interview of me for Societe Perrier. He asked me questions and I answered with self-portraits. I'm pretty rubbish at self-portraits but I gave it ago! He said some really nice things about me despite that ^__^
Anna Ryon: The Visual Interview

Leopold for LOGO

I've been so bad at updating because I've been so busy with EXAMS and other fun exciting stuff! Here is a shoot I did of Leopold for LOGO, which I am now the photo editor of! So stoked to be part of the team! 


My halloween costume cuz i really liked it

I was a Ganguro Girl lol. My makeup was super botchy though. I wish I had long blonde hair in real life!! u___u
Below was a party on another day and I didn't feel like doing the orange makeup so I just went as Hamtaro.
If you couldn't tell, Sam was Tobias from Arrested Development. Is it really lame or kind of alright when no one knows what your costume is?


Shrimp Cocktail

Just got Dethbook vol 2 in the post! It's my friend Ozma's magazine. We did this shoot for it when I was in Seattle over the summer. Claire Haranda is responsible for the amazing shrimp-flavoured styling. I always have the most fun doing shoots with Seattle peeps! It is such a fat magazine almost like a Vogue, with all glossy full color pictures, its SO worth buying. Not to mention it is full of really great work. It should be available soon from Actual Pain. SEE THE SHOOT HERE!!


pics from my birthday!

I turned 21 last month! I think that means I'm almost a grown-up. I had a lovely birthday and my friends gave me SO MANY AWESOME GIFTS including a Totoro cape, a sari from India, a Daido Moriyama book, a Pooh Bear, and like a hundred birthday cards made by Hannah's little children. I have the best fwends :')

Zach from Swim Deep

Here's a shoot my boyfriend and I did for Logo.ec of Zach, who plays drums for Swim Deep. They're a young band from Birmingham who are making WAVES (lol). See the shoot here and the article on Logo.


Some pictures from Japan last summer

3 generations, all in it together!
Beautiful Hakone, that mountain has powers
Shinjuku, on our way to some family karaoke 
Modelled for Vice magazine in a shoot styled by my boyfriend and shot by my favorite photographer Kawori Inbe...it was AWESOME!!
My favorite shot, see the whole shoot here!

Behind the scenes!

Some cute extra photos from my shoot with Jatinder, featuring his adorable niece.
So much cuteness going on in the picture

all smiles :D
...and a nerdy picture of us, (and only pic of my fake uggs!)